True Blog Content in a World Full of Fake News

True Blog Content in a World Full of Fake News

As a writer, my words are my reputation. I use them every day to persuade, encourage and sell. But, how do we ensure people believe what we write? And more importantly, are we telling the truth in a world that seems filled with fake news and misleading advertising?

I’m a natural cynic. When I read a headline or a claim that seems too outrageous or too good to be true, my first thought is whether it is fake or true and how in the world am I meant to know? I believe more and more of our readers are also feeling this way. We are bombarded daily by words that are misleading, fake and just downright untrue. It seems everyone wants to lead us to believe their view, sell to us or push our buttons, and there is no way to turn it off.

As bloggers, writers and journalists it is our task to keep our word to our readers. To ensure the content we put out there is accurate, clear from misleading statements and sticks to the truth that we know.

Standing on our word and keeping our content true is something I think we must make paramount in our work. It is tempting to play around with words and entice with a little white lie. Thinking there is no harm in stretching the truth a little to spice up a story. Wrong. Engaging our audience is about gaining their trust. This trust must be earned and is almost impossible to regain back once lost. One piece of fake or misleading work and our readers will walk away from our blogs and unsubscribe from our emails.

Check your sources. If you are writing about actual events and people, please check your information is legitimate and accurate. One piece of fake writing can breed a mountain of new pieces each written on a lie. Like a Chinese whisper that changes with each share, one small untruth in a blog piece can snowball into an avalanche of harmful false information. And do we really need any more out there?!

Truth is stranger and way more interesting than fiction when it comes to sharing our stories and filling our blogs with interesting content. Our readers want informative, engaging and thought-provoking writing. They do not want to filter through fake news, falsehoods, and gossip. It is up to us the content creators, the bloggers, the writers and the journalists to write our stories with truly engaging and accurate words that require no filter to enjoy.